Vintage Plan - Charming Tiny House From The Year 1903

If you love home design, you're going to love looking at this vintage home design from 1903. This is Radford's Design #109 from 1903, and it's a beautiful home that combines the classic Queen Anne Victorian style and regular conventional home design. Radford Architectural Co. was a home design and architectural company based in Riverside, Illinois that produced different residential home plans for over 30 years. Even though at their peak they were one of the largest architectural design companies in the world, many people have forgotten about these home designs. The company created these designs for builders and customers alike to build houses, and they also gave professional design assistance to those who wanted to design their own house. The Radford Ideal Homes is their first book on residential home design that they put out. The plans cost people around $5 which would be about $140 now according to Architect Magazine's website with a lot of great information on Radford Architectural Company. The homes were usually built out of wood with cement bases. Other than the Victorian style house you see here they also created home designs for Craftsman, Farmhouse, Colonial, and Spanish style houses.

They also had a collection of brick houses and they also patented and trademarked a home design called Colorkeed according to Architect Magazine. You can find plenty of home designs from their collection if you search for them on Google Images. Some of their homes may even still be standing today all over the United States. Many of the houses were two stories, sometimes with a basement foundation and now, they would make great renovation projects and could still be very liveable if they were taken care of. Now, we have a whole plethora of home design options to choose from. So if you're looking to design your own home, you could even look at some of these older vintage home designs and see if you like any of them. Then you could pull some design inspiration from them and use the ideas to design your own house. Some of the home design ideas might not fit today's building codes so hiring a professional designer would be helpful. You can also find home designs online from a number of different websites and find something that not only suits your style but your budget. Many companies also have plans for homes that they will build for you or prefab homes that you can build yourself.

If you want to buy a home that looks like the one in this home design, it's smart to either buy one that has already been renovated, and that is in good condition. Or, you could also buy a home that needs more renovations that you will be willing to do yourself or hire professionals to do them for you. A good tip, whenever you're looking to buy a home, is to bring along a home inspector with you or a contractor who can find anything wrong with the home. It's best to know before you buy a home than after you've purchased it and then have to invest way more money than you thought you would have to. Always factor in the cost of the renovations you may have to do in with the cost to buy the home and then come up with an offer that makes sense to you and your budget. Always keep your eye open for different open houses in your area and don't be afraid to ask questions about the previous homeowners, renovations and any damage that's been done to the house. Check out this plan and get inspired by vintage home design.***

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