Tranquil and Tiny 480sf Lakehouse Sits on 5 Acres as a Family Retreat

This small wood cabin is big on style. The Lake Austin wood cabin nicknamed the Cousin Cabana sits on a five-acre lot that had been a gathering place for the clients family since the 1970s. The beautiful lakefront oasis which is known affectionately as The Narrows is just a few miles outside of downtown Austin. The owners of the cabin building insisted on a simple, yet unique cabin building design to host their family gatherings and their weekend retreats. This small wood cabin needed to host multiple programs in a small space while still maintaining a sense of openness. At only 480 square feet the cabin building features a combined kitchen-living-dining room which is adjacent to a wood deck. The designers chose natural building materials and methods that would be maintenance-free for years and include ipe wood rain screen siding; board formed concrete planters and custom floor-to-ceiling face-glazed steel windows. Take a closer look at this modern wood cabin design at the studio site.

There are many benefits to using natural building materials such as wood in your wood cabin building or home design. Wood is familiar like nothing else. Wood is used as a building material wherever you go, from use in wood cabins and c abin buildings, as fuel, furniture, tools and so much more. Wood whether it is solid, chipped, broken, crushed, or burned is indispensable. Wood can be used to warm a house and used for clothing, it protects people against the cold and is used for heat. Wood is used for the table that you eat and drink at, along with wooden chairs to sit on and wooden beds to sleep in. Wood is used for play and to make music with. Touching smooth wood is both a warm and pleasant experience. Wood is composed of millions of tiny cells, which are interspersed with insulating cavities and cell walls, and absorb moisture. Floors, furniture, and walls that are made of wood have the same properties and help to ensure a healthy living environment.

Wood is a building material that grows forever and can be used sustainably. The forests and wood simultaneously produce oxygen, help to protect the soil, provide habitat for animals and plants, and provides clean water. Wood products that are no longer used are not consumed, because they can still be used to help produce energy. These used wood products often contain more solar energy, as throughout their life cycle, from their manufacturing to disposal. Products that are made of wood are beautiful and diverse. Whether it be a wood cabin that your family has used for generations or a wooden wall that adds warmth to a room, wood can be found everywhere you look. And each piece of timber will vary according to its location, the age of the trees, whether its core or sapwood, a stem or branch wood, for every purpose there is a suitable type of timber. Wood is a durable building material that is adaptable, practical and attractive. Wood building products offer a sustainable future that is worth their price. The more forests that are replanted, the more and the longer the wood is used, the more the CO2 content of the atmosphere will be reduced and help to protect the worlds climate. Climate awareness is just one reason people like to use wood products, and wherever possible, people prefer wooden building products from materials that have been produced without the use of fossil fuels.

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