This Adorable 28 Foot Tiny House is Built for Cozy Living

Even though this tiny house may seem small, it's actually on the larger side when it comes to tiny houses on wheels. The T-Berry House you see here was built by Full Moon Tiny Shelters who build tiny houses of all shapes, styles and sizes. It is built on a 28-foot trailer and is fully insulated to live in comfortably all year round. This one was built to be lived in on the grid instead of off-grid. When it comes to tiny house building, you can choose whether to build a tiny house on wheels to be equipped for off-grid living or regular, on the grid living. Tiny house building for on the grid houses will need to include regular electric wiring as well as an RV type of hook up to be able to plug it into a power source wherever it's parked. It should also have water hook-ups as well so that the tiny house building can be hooked up to a water source at the site. Sometimes tiny houses will either have a flush toilet that can hook up to septic, or they will have composting toilets just in case there is no septic to hook them up to.

As for off the grid small house living, you can go with solar panels for your electricity which usually work the best. Then, water can be fed into the tiny house by a water catchment system. For off-grid housing, a composting or incinerating toilet is usually what you'll find in a tiny house on wheels. Although sometimes the bathroom is an outhouse or an outdoor bathroom to make more room in the home for small house living. When it comes to tiny house building, you can decide what type of system you want to go with that suits your needs and lifestyle. You could also do some off grid and some on grid aspects to your tiny house building projects and then implement off-grid amenities as you can afford to install them since they tend to cost a bit more than the on-grid ones. You can see from the outside that this tiny house design already looks bigger than many of the designs we see out there. This one is 28 feet long, and it could be comfortable for two people or even for parents and a child or two. There are more families starting to become interested in small house living so that they can spend more time with their children while they are young.

Inside, this tiny house design is bright and airy. The ceiling is finished with tongue and groove panelling as well as the walls, but they left the ceiling the raw wood colour and painted the walls white for a brighter look. Inside, the tiny house has a lot packed into it including a full kitchen with a full-sized oven and stove as well as a full sized fridge too. Many tiny house building projects will either have the smaller appliances or, the larger ones depending on the owner's kitchen usage. If you're someone that enjoys cooking at home, it's best to have a kitchen with larger appliances than to try and make do with small ones. The T-Berry House also has an interesting shower set up with a deep basin for the shower. This may also be used as a small bathtub as well. The home features a handmade bench sofa with storage which is great for small house living since you need a lot of storage when you're living tiny. Check out all of the great photos of this tiny house and get some small house living inspiration.***

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