Rundblockhaus Oranienbaum with Balcony and Terrace

People from all around the world are building small log cabins like this Rundblockhaus Oranienbaum with Balcony and Terrace. There are various reasons people choose to order log home building kits fo ... read more

Log Houses Not Only Inspire Nature Lovers but Also Stand for Nordic Charm, Cosiness and a Healthy Indoor Climate

There is something about log cabins that people can't resist. Whether it be how cozy wood cabins are, their Nordic charm, and healthy indoor climate it's no wonder that they are so popular. Log houses ... read more

Many Are Attracted with This Adorable Little Log Cabin, Don't Miss This!

There is nothing quite like a log cabin design like this classic Canadian design log house construction. With its large logs, red roof and brick stonework this log house construction could be used as ... read more

Check Out This Cute Octagon Log Cabin on a Budget, Unbelievable!

Every person wants their own unique house that represents their own unique personality. This cute octagon log home plan is a perfect example of how beautiful different can be. If you have been think ... read more

Natural Log Cabin with Carport During the Construction Phase

Building with natural materials is a very smart choice to make. Here is a beautiful natural log cabin with a carport for you to check out and become inspired by. This is a sweet log cabin with so mu ... read more

794 Sq. Ft. High Quality Hunting Log House with Must See Floor Plan

We all want a beautiful house to live in, and for some, that house may just be a log house. Log houses like this Jagdhaus Willi log house are available to purchase from a log home building company li ... read more

A Handcrafted Log Cabin Built Perfectly From Natural Wood

The wrap around patio on this handcrafted log cabin is the perfect place to enjoy the scenic views that surround the log house design. Handcrafted log house designs have been built for hundreds of yea ... read more

1453 Sq. Ft. Magnificent Waldheimat Log House with Detailed Floor Plan Inside

Here's a 1453 square foot magnificent Waldheimat Log House with a great floor plan inside. When it comes to log home plans and designs, people either want something that will be fairly modern, or the ... read more

This Magnificent Barn Home is Truly Exceptional Both Inside and Out, Wow!

You'll want to take a look inside this rugged barn style house located in Wyoming with it's Western and Eastern combined design features that make it unique. This 3,000 square foot barn style house wa ... read more

A Dream Barn Home Cabin with Must See Interior

The Kendalia Event Barn is a beautifully restored dream barn with a wide English frame perfect for events and large gatherings. This modern barn was originally built in 1870 in Glen, New York and is n ... read more

People Love the Relaxed yet Elegant Style of This Fabulous Barn Home

It seems these days that barn home conversions and barn style houses are more popular than ever before. And it's no wonder as farmhouses were built to be durable and hold plenty of stuff from farm equ ... read more

As Amazing as This Exterior Looks, It Doesn't Compare to the Inside! Let's Go Inside and Take the Tour!

Get ready to fall in love with this barn home conversion created by Gail Claridge, an Interior designer and the owner of Gail Claridge Interiors in Westlake Village, California. This designer has a vi ... read more

A Cozy Barn Homes You Wish You Could Live In with Must See Interior!

This stunning and cozy barn is beautiful inside and out. You could work and live in this beautiful modern barn with it's two unique barns connected by a full sized silo. Whatever you chose to do, you ... read more

This Is Truly a One of a Kind Log Home That Is Everything We Dreamed Of

This is truly a one of a kind log home that could be everything you dreamed of. When it comes to luxury log home plans, these log houses from True North Log Homes really take the cake. These are som ... read more

Alliance Log Home Can Build Log Houses in Natural Log Any Shape and Any Size You Want

If you've been dreaming about a log home of your own, there are plenty of options available to choose. This log home company located in North Manchester in the United Kingdom is just one of the log ho ... read more

The Internet Is Going Crazy over This Magnificent Log Home with a Stunning View

This luxury log home plan is a stunning example of how a log cabin design can be done right. With beautiful features like the stone fireplace along with vaulted ceilings and windows from floor to ceil ... read more

Fabulous Winter Cabin in Montana, Must See Photo Gallery!

The perfect image of a cabin in the snow, this fabulous winter cabin in Montana is a must see. Featured on Log Home Living, this log house is one of the many beautiful log houses on their website. H ... read more

A DIY Project: Foldout Bench with Free Woodwork Plans

If you've ever wanted to work on some cool diy wood projects, here's a great one to try out. This diy project creates a foldout bench and it comes with free wood work plans to follow along the way. ... read more

A Luxurious and Magical Guest House Down in Scrubby Bay, Must See!

This luxurious and magical guesthouse in Scrubby Bay is like nothing you've seen before. This beautiful wood cabin is nestled between the rolling hills of Annandale, which is a working farm and a luxu ... read more

Check out This 24x36 Christmas Tree Barn For A Perfect Holiday

This white painted Christmas barn with red barn doors and Christmas wreaths strike the perfect picture in its snow covered landscape. You can't help but want to visit this charming country destination ... read more

4000 Sq. Ft. Beautifully Restored Event Barn with an Exceptionally Wide Interior

When you take a look inside of this 4,000 square foot beautifully restored event barn, you won't believe your eyes. Not a detail has been missed in the stunning Kendalia Even Barn. The frame for this ... read more

An Incredible Barn Mansion Built in Utah

This amazing barn mansion is a stunning barn that is for sale in Orem, Utah. This is barn living at its finest for this modern barn with over 20,000 square feet of living space. This is the kind of ho ... read more

Grand Authentic Log Home With 25' High 180 Degree Lake View

If you've been dreaming of staying in a luxury log cabin this custom log home is the perfect vacation. This custom built log cabin is located on beautiful Okanagan Lake where you can sit on the large ... read more

4987 Sq. Ft.log Cabin from Beaver Mountain, Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle, Your Budget and Your Dreams

There are many reasons people might consider a luxury log cabin design. Some want a change a way to get out of the city, while others might want a vacation home to spend time with family and friends. ... read more

How to Make a Spectacular Floor Lamp with Logs

For all the log home fans out there, this is a great tutorial on how to make a spectacular floor lamp with logs. If you're fortunate enough to live in the wilderness, you may even have logs available ... read more

Moose Ridge Lodge. Small Post and Beam Home, Big Appeal!

The Moose Ridge log cabin home kit is a modern take on the mountain lodge style of log homes. This beautiful pre-built log cabin package is located in the stunning New Hampshire mountains. Inside this ... read more

The Horse-Loving Family Converted an Old Barn into a Magnificent Home, Check This Out!

This custom built barn home was created by a horse loving family where they could work and live together with their beloved horses. On the ground level, the Butler family has a built in barn with the ... read more

2720 Sq. Ft. Modern Barn Home with Must See Floor Plan

This modern barn is just one of the house plans you might consider when building a new house. The modern barn design has 2,720 square feet of living space with 2,168 square feet on the first floor and ... read more

Famous Exterior of Barn Homes Built By Professionals

Be prepared to be amazed at these stunning barn exteriors and barn turned into houses. Not everyone thinks of barns turned into house when they think of their dream home design. But after taking a loo ... read more
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