For Sale - Loft Tiny 273 Square Feet House on Wheels For $59,900.

Have you been admiring all of the great tiny houses that have been showing up lately? Maybe you're even thinking of building a small house of your own, or you're curious about small house living in general. While small house living isn't anything new since people have been living in small spaces for centuries, modernized tiny houses on wheels are something that has just become more popular in the last few decades. Of course, there have been caravans and wagons as well, but modern-day tiny houses are much homier and sophisticated. You may even think that tiny houses on wheels are very similar to RVs, and while there are similarities, a tiny house is designed to be more like a regular house built out of conventional building materials instead of synthetic materials as an RV would be built with. This small house design is a great example of how great small house design can be, and how large you can go with a small house design. This tiny house on wheels is also available for sale for under $60,000 in California. The tiny house is 273 square feet with two lofts with good ceiling height.

From the outside, most tiny houses look like they would be very small on the inside, and while that's true, the way the space inside the home is used is very clever. When it comes to small house design, the way you design the floor plan and all of the extra storage features you add on make all the difference for small house living. Entering into this tiny house on wheels there is a great kitchen and a living room with two lofts on either end. One of the great things about the lofts in this tiny house is that there is plenty of headroom in the lofts. This is thanks to the slightly angled shed roofline which leaves a bit of extra headroom. The main loft has a staircase with built-in storage which is also a great idea for any small house design. Any additional storage in a tiny house is very welcome since it makes small house living so much easier. In one loft there is a bed, and then there is another loft with a living room or lounge space. On the main floor under the living room or lounge loft, there is another sleeping area with a bed that fits perfectly into the corner. This could also be used as a living room space if desired. The kitchen is open and spacious with a butcher board counter top, a farm style sink, stone backsplash and an apartment sized fridge.

The kitchen also has a two burner propane cooktop and a convection microwave for baking. The walls are finished with tongue and groove pine that's been painted white to bring more light into the space. When you're working on your small house design or looking at tiny houses, it's a great idea to keep the interior colour pallet fairly light to create the illusion of more space. You can use dark colours strategically to create more depth in a room or a tiny house, but it's usually best to be used on one wall or on cabinets. For hot water, there is a tankless water, and there is also a 9000 BTU mini-split heating and air conditioning system. It also has an electrical cord that hooks up to an RV-style 50 amp service. The furnishings are not included in the sale of this small house, but it would be easy enough to find furniture or build furniture that works for you. ENjoy having a look at this small house design and others on Tiny House Talk.***

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