Foldable Houses Finished in 6 Hours - Speeding Up The Building Process

Building a tiny house doesn't always mean that you have to build a tiny house on wheels. If you have your own property, you can build a tiny house on a foundation too. Tiny houses on wheels are great for those who want to be a bit more nomadic and free with their living arrangements and for those who don't have a piece of land that is their own. But if you already have land, that opens up your options for building a tiny house and what type of small house design you can build. When you build a tiny house on a foundation, you can pretty much build whatever size and style you'd like. It doesn't have to fit into the dimensions of a tiny house on wheels since it doesn't have to be transported down the highway. Of course, if you really loved the idea of a tiny house on wheels and you wanted to build one on your property anyway, you can do that too. Some of the options for building a tiny house on a foundation include prefabricated and modular housing as well as this new amazing flat-pack tiny home that only takes 6 hours to assemble. This is a brand new technology that is going to make building a tiny house or cottage so much easier and efficient. They are also going to be wonderful in the case of an emergency or natural disaster.

These are the M.A.Di Homes, and they are designed by Italian architect Renato Vidal. The M.A.Di Home is an A-frame cabin that can be built just about anywhere since it has no need for a typical concrete foundation. So you don't even need to worry about hiring on contractors to build a foundation for you which can also save a lot of money and time. The M.A.Di Homes can be assembled by three people, and it comes in different modules which are unfolded to create the house. When it isn't in use, the tiny house can be collapsed to be stored or moved to another location, even in another continent. So they are very practical for those who move around a lot for work or for pleasure.

The M.A.Di houses start at around 28,000 and come in different sizes. The smallest small house design is a mere 27 square meters which would be around 290 square feet, and the largest is 84 square meters which would be about 904 square feet. The largest of the small house designs could be used as a full-time family home, and it can sleep up to six people in it. Each of these tiny houses comes ready to be connected to electricity and water. For those wanting to go off-grid, the tiny houses can also be constructed with solar panels. The great thing about these tiny houses is that if you build a smaller one to start out, you can definitely expand the home by connecting other modules and it could create a wonderful tiny house village. They aren't quite for sale yet, but they are probably going to go on sale soon. You can keep in the loop if you visit the main website of the M.A.Di Homes and see when they are going on sale. Maybe you could purchase one to use as a full-time home or as a vacation house. For more small house design ideas you can also check out more tiny house inspiration on The Spaces, and if you're building a tiny house on your own, you can also check out websites like Instructables and YouTube for great step by step tutorials.***

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